Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hello! My name is Juhi, and today I am a published author! One of my short stories was chosen by the inimitable James Wymore to be included in a fantastic collection called The Actuator 1.5: Borderlands Anthology

"When the Actuator breaks the earth into a patchwork of altered realities, the remaining Machine Monks begin looking for the Keys to put it back. In the meantime, everyone in the world has been transformed without knowing why. This collection tells about some of the people struggling to deal with the change…" 

These are the words that Curiosity Quills, our publisher begins to describe the Anthology as. The Borderlands Anthology is a quest by Aiden James and James Wymore, who penned The Actuator: Fractured Earth, to explore the unlimited reach of this unique world into the depths of imagination and creativity. 

And so, they sent out criers and announcers looking for real Machine Monks, operatives who attune their minds to manifest single ideas from the realms of fantasy and science fiction.   

With such an exciting backdrop, I jumped in with my shoes on and emerged with "The Search for Punarnav".

Its the story of Arjun, a bomb squad specialist whose job takes a slight twist when an enigmatic machine in a faraway desert decides to act up.

   This is the cover for my story "The Search for Punarnav"

There are 15 more Machine Monks waiting to share their fantastical stories with you. Come, jump into the world of the Borderlands!  


  1. Thank you! It gives me such confidence to see your comment!

    I love your blog! "The Last Voyage of Hrimi Nunderson" is sooooo good!!!