This is where you'll find meanings and explanations of all the terms and words that may sound exotic to you.
Also, if you want me to explain something that I have missed out. Do tell me so here.

Delhi is not far! - New Delhi as you may well know, is the capital of India. Delhi is the Capital Territory. As a city it has been inhabited since 6 BCE, and thus has a long and engaging history rife with emperors, bandits, love stories, battles, etc.In 1857, when the Sepoys of the East India Company mutinied against British colonial rule, they marched towards Delhi to proclaim the doddering & defunct Mughal Bahadur Shah Zafar, Emperor of Hindoostan. This call gave them confidence.    

Dupatta - A long scarf is the best description I can think of. Men and women both wear it, although it was scandalous in the very recent past for Indian women to leave home without it. Now, not so much.

Ganesh - The elephant headed Hindu God that has become pretty popular worldwide. He loves to eat, especially yummy desserts and insists on being worshipped before anyone else in the Hindu pantheon. 

Grommet - Slang for young surfer

Krishn - The mischievous philosopher.

Lakshman - One of Rama's brothers. He accompanies his brother on his exile.

Ghaghra - Indian skirt. 

Gulabjamun - One of the more yummier Indian desserts. (and that's saying something)

Kartikeya - The General of the Gods' army, and son of Shiv and Parvati. His vehicle is the peacock. 

Kekeyi - One of Rama's 2 stepmother's. 

Parvati - The Mother Goddess, the human form of Aadishakti  (The Cosmic Energy), wife of Lord Shiv. 

Radha - Krishn's girlfriend.

Rama - The ideal man. Does not go back on his word, does not lie, basically does not do anything immoral. Exiled from his kingdom, with his wife and brother as companions, his story is chronicled in the Ramayan. He has three brothers.

Ramayan - Hindu epic that chronicles the story of Lord Rama and his family and friends. Its pretty awesome. Has been translated into tons of languages. And Ashok Banker has attempted a retelling in the modern 21st century format.

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