This is a storyette (so I like making up words, what writer doesn't) that I wrote for Klash, a completely awesome blog. 

Clash! Crash! Clatter! Bang! Chhnnnnnn……! Suddenly the house reverberated with sounds similar to a thunderstorm. 

“What happened? What did you break? Did you hurt yourself!!?” Suman called out as she frantically tried to get out of the bed, rudely awakened from a deep sleep. 

“Don’t you dare get out of that bed!” warned her husband’s voice. “Everything’s under control. I have just…dropped…err…a few things.”

Suman sighed. She rued the silly kitty party that her mother-in-law had made her attend, as a result of which she was suffering from this horrible food poisoning. And more importantly, Prashant’s intense love and care.

Suman! The doctor has advised complete rest!” His strangled voice still echoed in her head and she smiled .


I entered Ink in the Book's "Write your own adventure story prompt contest", and this is the result. Its quite different from what I usually write, but that's what made it more fun!

What Jack loved the most about his new mechanical night vision glasses was how well they matched his hat. Really, they would go with anything in his wardrobe and he was glad they did. 

One night as he sat reading his favorite book a strange noise came from the attic. Jack wanted to go find out who was up there, but he needed his hat and goggles. Walking into the closet, Jack noticed something was terribly wrong. His steam-carriage idled quietly, yet Jack did not remember cranking the engine. He tried cutting the engine off but it still hummed softly in the darkness. It was time.

Jack's mouth went dry and his fingers trembled with excitement. He knew that once he entered the steam-carriage he might never return. But unfortunately for him, the Society left him no choice. At least they had given him the option to take Lucy, if she would go. Jack hoped she would. He knew she had some kind of strange power. Every time she was around the hair in his moustache shook. Not the ones on his head, nor the soft ones that made up the thick tufts in his ears, that he desperately tried to hide from Martha with his hat. Just the hair in his moustache.

The great-grandfather clock in the living room boomed nine times, making Jack bolt out of the closet, through the dining room and into the kitchen, where he collected Lucy’s dish filled with the leftover cassoulet and opened the back door. Lucy was already standing on the front stoop, her beady eyes watching him intently, as usual. His moustache shook.

“Hello Lucy! You look fine tonight. I tried a new recipe. Tell me whether you like it”, said Jack, as he placed the dish in front of the dog and sat down on the stoop. Her eyes fixed on the dish, Lucy folded her hind legs and sat down to scarf down her dinner. Jack sat, staring at the white and black dog, and tried to think of the different ways that he could lure her into the house, and in the carriage.

But he needn’t have worried. As soon as Lucy swallowed the last morsel, she licked her chops, scratched her left flank and walked past Jack, into the house.

For one entire second, Jack sat staring at the spot that Lucy had just vacated his mouth agape. Getting over his elated shock, he followed the dog inside, closing the door behind him.

Although this was the first time in two years that Lucy had come into the house, she walked straight and confident into his closet, where the steam carriage still idled.

Jack stood at the closet door, not daring to move a muscle, although he really couldn’t do anything about his moustache which was wriggling like an octopus, stuck in a glass bottle with its tentacles sticking out.

Lucy circled the carriage once and licked the two huge wheels at the back, and then climbed in. She looked up and gave a snort, which Jack was sure of amusement and he suspected that it was at his expense.

And, in front of his rapidly widening eyes the steam carriage dematerialized.

Jack stared into the yawning void that was his closet. His lips moved, as if trying to speak but no sounds came out. His eyes that were wildly scanning the empty space, finally landed on his new night vision glasses, kept on the single shelf at the back of the closet, his beloved hat next to it. On spying the two objects he released a big breath of air, and said “Oh well, at least I got to keep the hat and the glasses.”

Guess where Michael ended and I started.


Its very rare, in fact I think this is the only "love story" that I have ever written. Hope you enjoy it.

My Love Story

I am the most beautiful girl in my city. My skin is the purest of white, without even a hint of a blemish on it.

In the morning when the Sun comes along and nudges me, I wake up to stretch my limbs, to herald a new day and a new life.

As I come alive, all eyes turn towards me, drawn by my beauty, and fragrance that envelops everything around me. People from far and wide come to my city, braving dangers and hazards, just to get a glimpse of me. 

But I give them a cursory glance, and turn to things more important to me, things that I have come alive for, things that I have been granted this immeasurable beauty for.

I have many suitors, which come buzzing by, but I choose wisely, because the time granted to me for my mission, does not permit me to make mistakes.
When I have chosen my suitor, I welcome him into my home, with open arms. Then my doors close, and my suitor is trapped inside it.

As there are no walls in my house, the entire city is a witness to this spectacle. 

I am, after all a girl, and so I blush a bright shade of pink. But, this only increases my discomfort, because it tells the entire world that I am no longer a girl, but that I have transformed into a woman.

When I realize this, I become so conscious of myself, that I open my doors, through which my suitor departs in a drunken stupor, drenched with decorations from my house.

Watching him leave me, breaks my heart and, I perish.

I am a Giant Amazon Water Lily. And this is the story of my life that spans a time frame of 48 hrs.


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