So, I have finally understood how to upload artwork to my blog! Yay!!

This is a hand rendered illustration, by me of one of the many dramatic scenes from my published story "The Search for Punarnav"

What do you think? I would love to know your views.   


I like to sketch my characters, their facial expressions, the places that they visit, their beds, their clocks and all other paraphernalia. So I might put some of those up in the future. 

Once I get to know how to, that is.


  1. Character sketching is fun! I love getting visuals of my MCs down on paper, or on the computer. And most of them seem to like having their portraits done, though some are more shy about it.
    Which medium do you feel is your greater strength: Visual art, or wordsmithery?
    (Welcome aboard the Buccaneer Blogfest, by the way!)

    1. I know! As soon as a character builds up in my head I have to draw them. Some do take some prodding and pleading but that's the fun of it!
      I think I am more comfortable with words, What about you?