Thursday, 3 September 2015

Blog Troubles!


I am a bad blogger.

I created this blog in June 2012 with zero knowledge or experience of the blogging world, but also of honest intentions of learning on the job. I learned the hard way that I am not very… actually at all tech-savvy, and sometimes I just don't understand what I could say to you that you would find interesting!

I would like to fervently thank and appreciate the 7 samurai (my subscribers) who have stayed with me through my complete and utter lack of efficiency and updates. THANK YOU. I would like to gift you something, maybe an ode or an illustration especially for you.

It is past 3 am in the morning, I think the official time to be on the world wide web :P but not really conducive to  creating something. But I shall definitely create something and send your way, soon.

I actually came across a bloghop today called Insecure Writer's Support Group and it seems bang on for my situation here. I am insecure about my Blogging Abilities, and I would love some advice.

I am a compulsive organiser. I make lists, and categorise everything. And spend hours creating these organised work environments and lists, so that I don't spend hours searching for something specific later on.

After reading the above line I realise that hours are getting wasted/used up either way, but I guess I am saner with this way, so lists will be made and organisations will happen.

This is I think my greatest bottleneck in Blogger. I want a static homepage which describes me and my work, and where I write or publish art or literature in well defined tabs (lists, remember!) Also, I don't like old material going down….down…..down….like Alice in the rabbit hole.

I apologise. This really sounds like whining. I am sure there are solutions to these, I just haven't found them yet.

I am still trying and as we say in India, "दिल्ली दूर नही!" (Delhi is not far!) Check out the Bibliography tab for an explanation.


  1. Hi! I am also a big list maker and organizer. I have written blogs before, but I'm new to the layouts and how to create, etc. I can say, though, that you should just be true to yourself and your thoughts, and others will soon follow. In my blog, I decided to make it about me and what I feel like talking about that way I was not constrained by what I was worried others might want to read/hear about. It's not always easy to keep that viewpoint, but it's a start. I wish you luck on your future endeavors!

    1. Hello! Thank you for such great advice. I do try to do that, but get overwhelmed easily :(

      I browsed your blog, and its so nice! Good luck to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Welcome to IWSG! You've now got a magic 8 followers. :) I'm totally not tech-savvy either, but I somehow rumble along. I haven't changed my layout in 3 years. It's all about content when it comes to blogs, that's why I cherish it over FB and Twitter... I agree with Snichdean that you can't go wrong with just posting about your own thoughts and projects you're up to. Writers always find other writers interesting! (That's another topic though... getting NON-writer readers... but I digress). Hope to hear more from you!

    1. Thank you! So happy to have another person boosting my confidence! That is good advice and I will try to follow.

  3. Hey Juhi!
    Good to see you scribbling something apart from your delightful badi chhoti. :)
    As far as writing/blogging, I think you can use your space to organise your thoughts, rant upon a particular subject hovering on your mind on a day- in short, simply letting it rip.
    So shake yourself and do a jig! :)

  4. Thanks Felicia (I always wonder, do you want me to call you by your "legal" name? or is this ok?) I do scribble, but its all behind the scenes or rather the blog! I am just not confident enough to actually show it to the world unfurnished, I guess.

    I hope you enjoy Badi Choti? Would love some critique!